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Body Fat Calculator

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How much Fatty you are? Find out if you are in the healthy range.
Body fat percentage is the percentage of fat in your body. Total body fat includes essential fat (fat that is required by the body to maintain and protect the body) and storage fat (extra fat stored to protect the internal organs).
As long as your total body fat is under a certain limit (women’s body fat percentage is higher than men as they require to bear children), you will not be overweight or obese.
But the problem starts when you lead a sedentary life, and your total body fat exceeds the upper limit. So, if your weighing scale shows your weight to be on the higher side, get your body fat percentage calculated before jumping to conclusions. It will help you understand if it is body fat or lean mass that you have gained.

Body Fat Percentage Categories
Essential Fat = Women 10-12% & Man 2-4%
Athletes = Women 14-20%  & Man 6-13%
Fitness = Women 21-24% & Man 14-17%
Acceptable = Women 25-31% & Man 18-25%
Obese = Women 32% + & Man25%+
Body fat percentage can also help for goal create in weight loss. But, weight loss doesn't always mean fat loss.

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