IS BMI Reliable?

    • Your BMI helps measure how appropriate your weight is for your height. 
    • While some people might be naturally broader, the BMI range allows for these discrepancies. 
    • The BMI measure works to help you understand whether you fall under the normal weight, overweight or obese category. 
    • People who carry extra weight, especially around their stomach, are prone to developing lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cancer or heart issues. 
    • For adults, the BMI offers a good estimate of weight-related health problems.
    • Most often, physicians accurately measure your height and weight and use your BMI to understand your future health risks. 
    • If your BMI is higher than it should be, they will likely recommend some kind of diet and exercise regime to bring your weight down.
    • A body mass index in the low range signals that you could be malnourished. 
    • Maybe your body isn’t properly absorbing nutrients or maybe you’re just not getting enough calories to support your activity level.

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